EMF Radiation Detector (Stralings Detector)

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EMF Radiation Detector (Stralings Detector)

Met deze handige meter kan je heel effectief meten hoeveel straling er van een product afkomt.
Wanneer je de emGuarde al in bezit hebt zul je zien dat de stralning

Discover the power of the RD9300, a highly versatile electromagnetic radiation detector adept at measuring both ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) emissions from 50Hz to 60Hz and HF (High Frequency) electromagnetic noise radiation spanning 3MHz to 1000MHz. Whether it’s from common household appliances or personal electronic devices, the RD9300 is expertly engineered to detect and monitor varying levels of EMF. Perfectly suited for both home and workplace environments, this device meticulously evaluates electromagnetic energy in microwatts per square centimeter. It provides reference values to keep you well-informed about the electromagnetic conditions surrounding you.

* No battery included

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