Ultra E Binnenfilter

Deze prefilter dien je één keer per jaar te vervangen, tegelijkertijd met het basisfilter in je machine.

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Dit Ultra E binnenfilter dien je één keer per jaar te vervangen. Het is aan te raden om deze filter tegelijkertijd te vervangen met het basisfilter in de machine. Dan vergeet je het niet en hou je altijd de beste kwaliteit drinkwater.

Specificaties rechtstreeks afkomstig van Enagic:

The Ultra-E Submicron Depth Filtration Series manufactured using a proprietary, patented, electroadsorptive media technology, are capable of removing submicron pathogens and inorganic contaminants through electro-adhesion and ion exchange.

This technology makes it possible for a nonwoven media to product filtration efficiency comaprable to ultra membrance filtration but at very low pressure drop, with high flow rates and high loading capacity working equally well in fresh, brackish or salt waters.

The media in the Ultra-E filter is NSF 61-approved.

Filter will pass up to 1500 gallons of water

The ULTRA-E filter reduces, or removes the following pathogens:
>99.99% viruses (pollo, rotovirus, norovirus, etc.)**
>99.99% bacteria ( e coli, legionella, pseudomonas, etc.)**
>99.95% custs (giardia, cryptospordium, etc.)**
** Tested by a certified laboratory in the U.S. (testing was done at 6.5pH)

The Ultra-E filter removes or reduces the following heavy metals:
>95% Lead **
>90% Ferrous Iron **
>95% Arsenic V **
>95% Cadmium **
>85% Chromium **
>75% Selenium **
>60% Mercury
** Tested by a certified laboratory in the U.S. (testing was done at 6.5pH)

The ULTRA-E filter removes, or reduces the following organics and inorganic chemicals:
VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
PCBs and BPA
Residual pharmaceuticals
Biofouling precursors: organic acids, proteins, polysaccharides





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